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American University

Welcome to Curl-Burke Masters at American University (AU). As CUBU Masters only location inside of the District, we have a dynamic, progressive program that serves 4 main types of swimmers: competitive, tri-athlete, fitness and water polo. Our swimmers range in age from 18 to 77 at this facility, and their abilities span from beginning swimmer to agegroup American Record Holders.


We are a Masters Swim Team proudly affiliated with Curl-Burke and United States Masters Swimming ( ) We offer a variety of coached workouts suitable for the basic fitness swimmer up to the Ironman triathlete. Our swimmers range in age from their 20's to 70's. We offer workouts for just about every level of swimmer.


Burke Racquet and Swim Club (BRSC) represents one of CUBU Masters two original sites. Conveniently located at the midpoint of the Burke Centre Parkway, just off of Burke Commons Road in Burke, VA, CUBU Masters training at BRSC enjoy outstanding lane space, plus all the benefits of this full service health and sports club. Thus, in addition to our regularly scheduled Masters workouts, our Masters swimmers are able to make up workouts or train on their own in the water during any of the extensive hours that the pool is available. They can also get together in smaller groups and train at their convenience, and over the years we have had both a "Breakfast Club" and a "Lunchbunch" that get together regularly and swims outside of our normal weekday evening practice hours. Additionally, our Masters have full access to the Club's topnotch aerobic training equipment as well as the weight room, aerobics classes, climbing wall, and all other club facilities and classes.

Providence - Team Z

Providence is another satelite program affiliated with Curl-Burke Masters. Our Tuesday/Thursday morning program was initiated specifically to serve the needs of triathletes and other open water or long distance swimmers. During the season our focus is on longer (aerobic) freestyle sets to prepare our athletes for 1-2 mile open water freestyle swims. We also tailor our training to peak our swimmers in the middle of the summer, and again at the beginning of the fall for the traditional end to the "open water season". In the off season we will work in plenty of stroke work to refine skills and build balance in muscular development. We have 10 lanes at this facility, and currently range in age from 20 to 64 years old and from "just learning to cross the pool" to ex-division one milers. There is something for everyone!

South Run

South Run is a fairly new master's program with room to expand! We have a diverse group and can accommodate all levels of swimmer whether you are just getting back into the water or a competitive swimmer seeking a challenging workout.

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